Operating rules of the ZIVA EXOTIKA event

Event Organizer:
Downstream s.r.o.
Gutova 2134/26, Prague 10, Prague, 100 00
I.D.: CZ29462959
Bank details EUR: 2901703319 /2010, IBAN: CZ20 2010 0000 0029 0170 3319, BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX

1. Focus of the action

1.1. The event serves for the exchange and sale of exotic plants, breeding and collection insects and other invertebrates, terrarium and aquarium animals, feed animals, natural collections, breeding and growing supplies, professional literature and complementary goods related to terraristy, aquariums and breeding.

2. Registering an Exhibitor and renting points of sale

2.1. Exhibitors register via the reservation system on the website of www.zivaexotika.cz. Exhibitor without registration will not be allowed to participate in the event.

2.2. Any person offering for exchange or sale the plants, animals or goods referred to in point 1. (hereinafter referred to as the Exhibitor), is obliged to rent a point of sale. Outside these places, any manipulation is prohibited.

2.3. The Exhibitor can make a reservation of the point of sale via the reservation system at the address specified in point 2.1.

2.4. The Exhibitor may cancel the reservation under the following conditions:

  • 15 days or more before the date of the event – cancellation fee 0% – subscription refunded in full.
  • 8 to 14 days before the event – cancellation fee 50%
  • 0 to 7 day before the event – cancellation fee 100% – without a refund.

The amount above may be transferred to one of the next vacancy at the Exhibitor’s request.

2.5. The acceptance of reserved points of sale takes place from 06:00 to 08:30. After this time, the reservation is forfeited and the place can be offered to another interested person.

2.6. As soon as you arrive, the Exhibitor logs in with the Organizer at the main entrance to the TOP Hotel Praha and will be designated by identification tapes. Without this designation, he will not be allowed access to the event venues. The Exhibitor assumes his point of sale in person and bears full responsibility for all goods and animals offered at its point of sale. If the Exhibitor leaves his point of sale to another interested person, he/she is obliged to inform the Organizer.

2.7. From 06:00 to 09:00, only Exhibitors will be allowed free access to the exhibition space and their assistants, but no more than:
Tape ID for Exhibitors and assistants take over in person and immediately attach to the hand. Without the tape attached, there will be no access to the event venues.

2.8. The Promoter reserves the right to move the Exhibitor to another location in case of necessary operational or organizational changes.

2.9 If the Exhibitor brings other persons with him who are not his assistants, these persons may purchase priority admission together with the Exhibitor’s registration.

3. Conditions for the exchange and sale of live animals and invertebrates

3.1. The animals are transported to the event in accordance with Act No. 246/1992 Coll. and other related regulations. In particular, they must be in thermostable boxes which are heated in an appropriate manner if necessary.

3.2. The exchange and sale of animals at the event may take place only under the conditions laid down in these Regulations” and in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic and the EU (in particular Council Regulation (EC) No. 338/97 of 9 December 1997. whereas, in accordance with article 10 of Directive 91/414/414/414/414/1999, the commission shall, in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of Directive 91/414/414/ORDER, take the measures to protect and No. 100/2004 Coll., on trade in endangered species; He avoided it. No. 210/2010 Coll., on the implementation of certain provisions of the Endangered Species Trade Act; Law No. 246/1992 Coll. – the protection of animals against cruelty; Decree No. 411/2008 Coll. on the identification of animal species requiring special care)

3.3. No later than the day of the event, the exhibitor shall provide the organizer with a list of the animal species offered. The species included in the CITES Annexes in the list shall indicate ‘CITES’

3.4. Animals subject to cites registration obligations must be in the description on the box, carrier, etc. clearly marked ‘mandatory CITES registration’.

3.5. Boxes of animals must be visibly marked with the following particulars:

  • scientific name
  • sex
  • origin
  • whether it is a breeding or capture
  • degree of protection
  • size in adulthood
  • diet
  • the name of the exhibitor or his firm
  • other necessary breeding information must be given to the buyer in writing

3.6. Boxes with animals must be located at least 70 cm above the floor, secured against falling.

3.7. Exhibition boxes must be made of opaque material with a transparent lid, with sufficient ventilation, adequately illuminated and, if necessary, heated. Mammals are placed in suitable boxes or cages.

3.8. The dimensions of the exhibition boxes shall not be less than:

  • 1,5 times the body length (without tail) for lizers and amphibians,1/3 of the total length for snakes,
  • 2 times the length of carapax for turtles.
  • The height of the box shall not be less than 2 times the height of the body, for tree species 3 times. Rodents are in the pits positioned in such a way that at least 1/2 of the surface of the bottom of the box remains free.

3.9. Animals are placed individually in boxes (excluding young and feeding rodents) and must have an appropriate base material (bedding), chameleons the possibility to hold on (branches, etc.). Wet-loving animals must: have suitable wet material, water animals water with an islet of ground or a column of water so low that it is not forced to swim permanently. Mammals must have suitable bedding, water and feeding, nocturnal species shelter.

3.10. Harvesters, scorpions and stacks are placed individually

3.12. Any sale or exchange may take place only after the inspection of the points of sale has been carried out, at the earliest at 09:00.

3.13. PROHIBITED is:

  • Display, offer for sale or exchange animals physically exhausted, sick or suspected of being ill, pregnant females, young animals unable to receive independent food (including fodder rodents)
  • Offer live animals for sale or exchange to persons under the age of 15 unaccompanied by a parent
  • Offer for sale or exchange animals requiring special care to persons under the age of 18
  • Display, offer for sale or exchange an animal with a procedure carried out in violation of the provisions of § 4 paragraph 1 shall be the following: Law No 104/2003 on the 246/1992 Coll.

3.14. If any animal, the owner of the animal or the person who detected the leak occurs, the informs the Organiser.

3.15. Venomous snakes or other animals requiring special care may be offered at the event only under the following conditions:

  • The sale of venomous reptiles or other dangerous animals is only possible in a designated place.
  • Vendors selling such animals are obliged to take all necessary precautions to avoid endangering the life and health of the event participants.
  • Anyone selling an animal requiring special care at the event shall inform the buyer of the obligation to register the animal with the veterinary authority of the place of residence.
  • Prior to the event, any exhibitor offering venomous snakes or other animals requiring special care shall notify the number and species to the Organiser.
  • Exhibitors are obliged to familiarise themselves with the rules and lists in Decree No. 451/2021 Coll.
  • The handover of these animals to the buyer will take place outside the building.

3.16. Bird sales cages or crates must be equipped with at least two perches. Exceptions are cages or crates for ground-dwelling bird species where perches can be removed (chickadees, passerines, etc.). The ideal cage or crate is one that has the bottom, sides and back full, the ceiling full or at least ½ full, and the front at least 2/3 of the mesh or netting. The birds must have plenty of food and water to drink at all times. For hygiene reasons, feed must not be used as lining (not compulsory). Water and feed must be placed in such a way as to avoid contamination by droppings.
The size of the sales cages or crates and the number of birds housed shall follow the standard for internal dimensions (cm) and the recommended number of birds per species



2 pcs. budgie, agapornis, neofema, 4 pcs. – small exotics up to the size of a diamond dove



2 pcs – rosela, singing p.p.senegal, pyrura, starling, medium pigeons, cardinal



2 pcs – short-tailed parrots up to the size of p. cape, (larger door) jacco lib., small amazonian

2 pcs – long-tailed parrots up to the size of alexander small, red-winged parrot, smoky, r. penant

others up to size approx. 40cm

Type IV.


2pcs – amazonian, jacco, p. royal, smaller species of raptors, passerines, owls and birds of prey, smaller species of beavers, arassari

etc. – up to approx. 50cm (large door)

Birds larger than 50cm


must have a cage at least 10% larger than their overall size – placing 1 at a time. This includes large representatives of less common species – owls, raptors, buntings (here you must have a soft ceiling), beaks, toucans and others.

4. Penalties

4.1. In the event of cancellation by the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor pays the cancellation fee at the rates referred to in 2.4. Operating rules.

4.2. If the Exhibitor violates this “Operating Rules” and/or applicable regulations, depending on the severity of the breach, the Exhibitor may be excluded from the event once or permanently without compensation.

4.3. It is forbidden to end the sale before the end of the public event at 13:00. An exception may be granted by the Organiser, especially if the Exhibitor has sold out before the end of the public event. In case of violation of this prohibition, the Exhibitor is obliged to pay a contractual penalty of 500,-CZK / 20€.

5. General Conditions

5.1. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises of the hotel.

5.2. The organizer is not liable for damages or losses incurred during the Event to its participants.

5.3. Everyone is obliged to follow the instructions of the Organizers.

5.4. Please maintain order in all venues of the event and, when it is over, state your point of sale in the the state in which you took over.

5.5. It is possible to place an ad at the event or otherwise carry out any promotion solely in agreement with Organizer.

5.6. Audiovisual recordings can only be photographed or taken at the event with the permission of the Organizer.

5.7. The “Operating Rules” are binding on all.

5.8. The Exhibitor is obliged to park, unload, transport and display his goods in in such a manner as to facilitate the same in the most expeditious and considerate manner to others.

5.9. The Exhibitor is obliged to behave with other participants of the event according to good manners and to protect the good name of the exhibition and outside the exhibition.

5.10. The Organizer reserves the right to use for marketing purposes the content of posts published on the Facebook group Skupina ŽIVÁ EXOTIKA and the content of messages sent to the Organizer by any form of electronic communication.

5.11. Exhibitors are obliged to use electrical equipment with a valid inspection according to ČSN 33 1600 ED.2 (Verification and checking of electrical appliances and hand-held motor-operated electric tools during use). 

These Operating Rules are valid from 1.1.2023.